Rainbow Haven is a not-for-profit ministry whose mission is to provide a Christ-centered transitional home that meets the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of women and their children within a compassionate, nuturing, and safe environment which encourages lasting independance.

We work with women leaving abusive situations, rehabbing from prison or jail sentences, paying off debts so they can manage financially, etc.

A lot of times all a woman needs is six months or so to get back on her feet and her future will be a lot brighter.

Referring Yourself

If you are interested in referring yourself to any of our programs, please be sure to call our office at (765) 659-4739.  A staff member will be glad to speak to you to help you determine whether our services would be a good fit for your needs.  If you are interested in referring yourself to the Residential Program, the process usually takes about 2 weeks from the first phone call to placement in our home, if we have openings.

Who Are The Best Candidates?

The best candidates for Rainbow Haven's Residential Program are women who are willing to hear new things and try different solutions to the problems that they have had for a very long time.  The best candidates also are those willing to commit to staying in the program the full six (6) months required.  Theis is an important part of the program and anyone not willing to make that commitment should call for help in locating other options.

A woman does not have to have children to live here, but children are welcome.  Our residents must not be currently abusing drugs or alcohol, practicing a homosexual lifestyle, fleeing an abusive partner who might try to find them and harm them or the other residents in our home, or have been diagnosed with a mental health disease like bipolar disorder.